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Restricted Items
•The following list includes, but is not limited to, items that are restricted from being listed on RentBOLD: alcohol, tobacco, drugs or drug paraphernalia, sexual services, adult resources, obscene or offensive materials, pirated or copyrighted works, explosives, poisons, hazardous chemicals, illegal weapons, burglary tools, stolen items, protected items, illegal items, property with serial numbers removed, personal information, unauthorized medical devices, the human body, human or animal body parts, underwear, dirty clothing, restricted uniforms and badges, teacher's edition of text books and solutions manuals, fighting or menacing animals, endangered species and protected wildlife.
Fair System Use
•RentBOLD does not guarantee uninterrupted or continued service.
•RentBOLD's services and resources are not to be used for any other electronic system or activity without written consent
•Use of RentBOLD is voluntary and at your own risk.
•RentBOLD is not liable for damages incurred as a result of using its services.
System Abuse
•Using RentBOLD for any purpose other than its intended use is considered system abuse.
•Offensive, inaccurate or restricted data is not allowed.
•The consequences of system abuse may include banishment from using RentBOLD, financial liabilities and legal action.
Data Submission
•Submitted data (addresses, phone numbers, item details, etc.) is required to be accurate.
•No explicit, inappropriate or otherwise offensive content is allowed.
•RentBOLD is not liable for copyright, trademark or intellectual property infringements by its users. Users responsible for such violations are liable for related losses.
•RentBOLD reserves the right to edit and purge data at any time.
•RentBOLD is not liable for lost, stolen or intercepted data.
Item Authenticity
•RentBOLD does not guarantee that items are accurately represented (values, images, descriptions, conditions, defects, etc.). Truthful representation of an item is the responsibility of the item owner.
•RentBOLD reserves the right to ban users from accessing its services.
Customer Support
•RentBOLD may not respond to all to suggestions, complaints or inquiries.
•RentBOLD will not resolve rental disputes.
•RentBOLD is not liable for its users' future losses.
Rental Contract
•RentBOLD provides a generic rental contract. Its effectiveness is not guaranteed.
•RentBOLD respects your privacy and will not sell or give away your personal information without your consent.
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