The concept of RentBOLD began in 2007 from a simple question. What can be done to make better use of the things people own?

We recognized that items could be put to better use through renting. We created a simple yet powerful website that provides a way to advertise them online.

Today, you can rent more and save big by using this ever expanding catalog to find local rental items at very competitive rates. Your decision to use RentBOLD helps preserve the environment and keeps money in your community. Why purchase an item that you may only use a few times?

You can make money by renting your items to members of your community. The listing process is simple and takes very little time. There are no memberships, passwords or fees. All that is required is an email address and a few details about the item you want to list. In a few minutes your listing will be live and viewable by thousands of potential customers.

We believe so strongly in what RentBOLD can accomplish that we built and support it with our own time and money. We need your help to make it grow. Please visit the Give Back page for ideas on what you can do.

We look forward to serving you and your community,
The RentBOLD Team